Maid in Malaysia takes lewd images of employer's baby, sends them to boyfriend

As a parent it takes a lot having to entrust their child to someone else, including their helper. 

So, you can imagine one mother’s horror after she realised that her child, a boy, was allegedly sexually assaulted by their helper. 

In a five-minute clip that went viral online, the Indonesian maid, who was then employed in Malaysia, allegedly made the child touch her private parts and suck her nipples, reported China Press. 

The maid, who had been employed by the family for four years, has since been fired.

Boyfriend allegedly exposed maid’s secret

Speaking to China Press, a family friend, who declined to be named, shared that the mother discovered the maid’s dirty secret after she was added to a WhatsApp group chat on April 19.

“She was suddenly pulled into a WhatsApp chat group and suddenly saw a lewd video of the maid, which shocked her and she didn’t know how to deal with it for a while,” the friend told China Press. 

The WhatsApp group also consisted of other people including the maid’s friends and her previous employers. 

The chat group was allegedly created by the maid’s boyfriend then

“We suspect that the maid sent these videos to her boyfriend,” explained the family friend, who added that there were a total of seven videos. 

Other videos circulated in the group chat even showed the maid masturbating. 

That family friend has since exposed the maid’s deeds on Facebook on behalf of the mother, who is not social media savvy, in hopes of getting justice for the family. 

Police report made

Siti Kamisha, the assistant director of Bukit Aman Sex Crimes, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Investigation Team, said that investigations are ongoing

The police are reportedly still looking for the suspect. 

The case is currently being investigated under Section 8 of Malaysia’s Child Sexual Offences Act 2017, where any person who exchanges, publishes or makes available child pornography shall on conviction be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 years

They will also be punished with whipping of not less than five strokes. 

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