‘Malaysia is worth it,’ says TikToker whose family took over 7 hours to clear customs from JB to Singapore

MALAYSIA: Distance-wise, it’s not too far at all. But when you get caught in a traffic jam, going from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa can feel like forever.

For one family, the total time it took just to clear customs in Johor Bahru and in Singapore was a whopping 7 hours and 19 minutes, as documented in a Dec 20 (Tuesday) TikTok from @DailyVibes.


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Indeed, the five-second clip shows bumper-to-bumper traffic, with what appears to be hundreds of cars.

The TikToker has been identified in an AsiaOne article as Mr Shin Chen, a 36-year-old from Singapore.

On Monday, he took his family to Johor Baru for shopping and a meal, never dreaming they’d get stuck in a traffic jam for a long time.

One advantage, however, is that he got to be with his parents.

He told AsiaOne, “It’s not every day you get to get stuck [for] seven hours with your parents as an adult that [has] already moved out of the house.”

Having left JB at 9 pm, they finally got home at 3 am.

”I travel to JB quite frequently, but the most I’ve ever experienced was four hours stuck. Seven hours is a new record though. Hopefully, it’s a one-off case,” AsiaOne quotes Mr Shin as saying, adding that he’ll avoid Malaysia for a while, till there are fewer travelers.

In the comments to his TikTok, which has gotten nearly 200,000 videos since he published it, he said that “Malaysia is worth it.”

Good-natured netizens ribbed the TikToker, however.

“They just want to make sure the cheap petrol you have pumped there is spent on their road,” wrote one.

“Never thought of it that way … but true,” he responded.

Another wrote, “complain a lot but come weekend, repeat the same thing again.”

But it’s “Because Malaysia is worth it,” Mr Shin replied.

One called the travel time, “like flying from SGP to Melbourne.”


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