Malaysian hawker dies after fainting and falling face first into boiling oil

A hawker in Malaysia has died after fainting and falling face first into a wok of boiling oil at a food court in Kuala Kangsar, Sin Chew Daily reported on Wednesday (Sept 20).

Liu Youcai, 58, had been working at his stall cooking fried chicken chops and fries when he suddenly collapsed, smashing the upper half of his body into the boiling oil before him, China Press reported.

He had severe burns on his face, chest and back but was alive when he was conveyed to the hospital.

However, he died 90 minutes later.

It was reported that his cause of death was due to suffocation and second-degree burns.

Speaking with the media at his funeral today (Sept 21), Liu’s brother, Youming, said: “I told my brother a year ago to take medicine and get checked regularly. After all, suffering from high blood pressure should not be taken lightly.”

Despite his medical conditions, Liu persisted in working six days a week and would return on Mondays when his stall was closed in order to prepare ingredients for his dishes, an employee at the food court told the media.

He had last seen Liu in person a month prior, and the latter had given him a lot of fruit to bring back to Selangor.

Liu was known for his cost-friendly chicken chop rice, which appears to have been sold at RM6.50 (S$1.90), according to pictures taken by China Press.

He was also known within the community for his dress style – which always consisted of a vest and wooden clogs – as well as his love for animals.

Liu used to spend more than RM2,000 a month preparing meals for strays around his area, Youming told the media.

He also shared with the media that Liu loved animals so much that he prioritised saving them over himself during a flood in Kangsar nine years ago.

“‘Dogs can’t talk, save them first’,” Youming stated, quoting what Liu had told rescuers during the flood.

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