Malaysian masseuse allegedly molests Singaporean girl; police report lodged by her mother, but she claims it was taken as a “joke”

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When a local mother and daughter went for a massage in Malaysia, her daughter was kissed on the nipple by a masseuse and was almost accused of rape.

The mother said that the Malaysian police were not serious when investigating the case, and seemed to take the incident as a “joke”, so she had no choice but to ask the Internet for help.

Source: Instagram

An influencer on Instagram, Diah Mastura, said on 6 August that a mother sent her a private message asking for help, alleging that her 20-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by a massage therapist when she and her 20-year-old daughter went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a full body massage. Her post also attached screenshots of her chat with the victim’s mother.

The victim’s mother said that she and her daughter had never encountered such an incident.

“The masseuse played with her nipples, put his lips on her nipples and almost inserted his fingers into her vagina, but she stopped it. He (the masseuse) said it was normal.”

The victim’s mother said she immediately called the Malaysian police because of her daughter’s emotional trauma.

Victim’s mother: Malaysian police took the incident as a joke

She revealed that the Malaysian police took the incident as a joke and kept asking her daughter to repeat the incident, which made her uncomfortable. In addition, though the police arrested the masseur, they released him after only a few hours of detention; much to the dissatisfaction of the victim’s mother.

The mother said that she was not trying to judge their system, but that she really don’t have confidence in the Malaysian police. She added that she waited five hours at the police station on the day of the incident and hoped that the Singapore police can help her. She confided that she was sure that the Singapore police would never take such police complaints as a “joke”.

The victim’s mother also said that when she asked the local police for a case report, the police said the report was for internal reference only, and only allowed her to take a photo of it. She also tried to contact the local embassy in Malaysia for help that morning, but the relevant personnel said that since the incident happened in Malaysia, the Singapore police could not intervene.

She revealed that after the incident, she stayed up all night because she felt very helpless and could only ask Diya for help.

According to Malaysian newspapers, the Malaysian Police did not respond to media queries about the police report on the alleged molesting and attempted rape.

Artist from Malaysia contacted Diya to help

Diya made another post on the topic yesterday (7 Aug), saying that an artist from Malaysia came forward to help get in touch with the local police. The police apparently told the Malaysian artist that sexual assault cases are generally not resolved within a day, and sexual assault victims will be treated and given help.

Dia expressed hope that although the victim will need time to recover, she will definitely be able to get through it.

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