Malaysian Minister steps in to ‘buy’ viral $161 durian that smashed man’s windshield, who then helps others in need of food

Kuala Lumpur — A very ‘special’ durian’ that ‘never touched the ground’ was successfully sold for RM500 (approximately $161) by a man who evidently believes in making lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Or, more specifically, when a durian falls on your car.

And when a public figure steps in to buy your overpriced durian just to help you out, it’s certainly a reason to rejoice.

Twenty-seven-year-old Malaysian Wan Mahussin Wan Zain went viral after he uploaded a video on Jul 11 on social media wherein he offered a durian for sale for a whopping RM 500.

He touted the fruit as “special” as it had never hit the ground.

In the video, he showed how the fall of the durian, which is not so big, was broken by his car, specifically his car’s windshield, which sported a hole of considerable size.

The durian, which grew on a tree in front of his home, should have fallen into a net instead of his vehicle. But he explained that it may have fallen through a hole in the net.

It’s obvious that Mr Mahussin made the video as a joke, as he was laughing at the situation, even as he lamented over the damage to his three-year-old car.

“The price of a durian is RM 500…. Allah is testing me,” he wrote on Facebook.

RM 500 also happened to be the amount he needed for the repair of his windshield. 

“I decided to make a video where I offered the durian for RM500 just for fun, as a way to make myself feel better. I uploaded the video onto a Facebook group where local small farmers usually gather to talk about produce,” he told Malaysia’s The Star.

However, people started sharing the video, and it was viewed online over 300,000 times.

On Sunday night, someone actually offered to buy the fateful fruit.

To his surprise, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan, Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources. 


“He said he wanted to buy viral durian on my car windshield,” Mr Mahussin wrote in a Facebook post.

But at that point, he and his family had already eaten the fruit.

Nevertheless, the Minister transferred the money to Mr Mahussin’s account to cover the cost of the car repair.

In fact, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan actually sent Mr Mahussin a greater amount than what was necessary for the car’s repair.

Mr Mahussin told The Star, ”Yes, he sent more than what I needed. I used the rest of the money to help people through my Dapur Lockdown initiative to feed the needy in my area.” /TISG

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