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Natasha Hudson, a Malaysian model, actress and TV host received serious backlash recently for wearing an off-shoulder outfit that netizens disapproved. But the 38-year-old Malay-Australian beauty is not tolerating the criticism.

The dress only looked to be shoulder-baring, thanks to a sheer layer of skin-coloured fabric designed by Rizman Ruzaini. Speaking to Kosmo! Online, Hudson said that netizens need to be mature when expressing opinions online.

“I must say, people will never stop talking about those of us in showbusiness.

“I merely followed what the organisers suggested but I wouldn’t dare wear an outfit that exposes my shoulder.

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“The exposed part is lined with fabric,” she said.

The celebrity was attending the launch of beauty product Crystal C White yesterday. Hudson and Keith Foo are ambassadors of the beauty product line. Hudson told Astro Gempak, “What’s wrong with this outfit? There’s fabric, don’t be fooled by the colour — it’s actually covered”.

Natasha Hudson is not affected by online criticism. Picture: YouTube

Hudson continued saying that she knows her limits as a Muslim woman and is not affected by the online criticism.

“There was a team of stylists at the event — there’s a theme and they know what to do.

“This isn’t a Mamak stall launch, this is a beauty launch but people can say what they want,” Hudson said.

The Ipoh-born celebrity took to Instagram Stories to share photos from the launch, but netizens condemned her outfit.

Other than the top of the dress’s exposed shoulder, the outfit’s bottom slit showing Hudson’s calves did not sit well with some netizens.

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The public appearance of the mother of three was a big deal for many fans and observers following her shocking divorce from her fourth husband Noor Nashriq Sekarnor in October 2019.

The couple were married on December 7, 2018, two months after divorcing her third husband Carleed Khaza. Her marriage with Khaza lasted six years.

Hudson and Khaza have two daughters Naeema Kalila and Faatimah.

She also has a daughter, Neesa Helena, with Datuk Shahrin Zahari whom she wed in 2007 and divorced two years later.

Hudson’s first marriage was to Mohd Faiz Mohd Raiz in 2006 which lasted for four months.

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