Malaysian PM Anwar Ibrahim’s bodyguard makes hearts flutter

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The bodyguard of Malaysia’s newly appointed prime minister is making people swoon online. A 30-second video posted on TikTok on Nov 25 has gone viral, featuring the bodyguard with a mullet haircut waiting for the arrival of PM Anwar Ibrahim.

The bodyguard appeared self-conscious at first as the camera focused on him.He waved sheepishly at the cameraman before he was approached by someone he knew.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/jannahjalidar

The bodyguard gave the man a friendly hug, before looking and smiling shyly at the camera.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/jannahjalidar

Moments later, it appears that the bodyguard finally warmed up to the attention he was receiving, and he gave a heart sign to the camera.

Photo: TikTok screengrab/jannahjalidar

The song “Until I Found You” plays over the video which presently has over 1.8 million views.

Netizens were equally smitten by the bodyguard’s reaction and “handsome” features. Others cheekily added that his salary should increase after going viral.

Many also thanked him for taking care of Anwar, noting he had worked for the leader for a long time.

“The longest-serving bodyguard with Anwar. From short hair in the past to long hair now. Stylo,” said a TikTok user who kept updated with the bodyguard’s hairstyles.

This is not the first time public officials or staff have gone viral for their attractive features, making hearts flutter.

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