Man, 80, dies after scuffle at Singapore Pools outlet in Marine Parade Central

An elderly man visited a Singapore Pools outlet at a Fairprice branch hoping to strike it big, but all he gained were criminal charges and possibly a fine and jail time for allegedly causing the death of another. 

This 73-year-old man allegedly shoved an 80-year-old following an argument that occurred at a Singapore Pools outlet in Marine Parade Central’s Fairprice at 11am on May 8.

The 80-year-old fell and he died in hospital later. 

The alleged attacker was subsequently arrested and charged with one count of a rash act causing death and another count of voluntarily causing hurt on May 9, reported 8World today (May 18). 

Ho Ah Wah, 73, had reportedly gone to the Singapore Pools outlet to buy betting tickets when he encountered the victim Cheong Hua Kwee.

According to 8World, the two argued and it ended up with Cheong falling on the ground and hitting his head.

The pair was not on good terms, but it is unknown what sparked the fight that day.

The Singapore Civil Defence Forces (SCDF) said that they arrived at the scene at around 11.25am and an individual was conveyed to the Singapore General Hospital, reported 8World.

The victim Cheong died in hospital later.

According to a vendor in a nearby market, Cheong was usually seen alone and it is unclear if he had any family left.

8World reported that Fairprice is currently assisting the police with the investigation.

Ho was arrested and charged in court on May 9 for one count of a rash act causing death and a count of voluntarily causing hurt.

If convicted on the count of a rash act causing death, Ho could be jailed up to five years, or fined, or both.

For the count of voluntarily causing hurt, Ho could be jailed up to three years, a fined up to $5,000, or both. 

Ho has since been released on bail for $15,000. His case will be addressed in court again on June 23.

Ho was known to operate Hua Hua Eating House, a coffeeshop at 81 Marine Parade Central, according to 8World’s findings through an Acra (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) search.

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