According to various reports on the incident, Shanghai police have arrested a man for allegedly planning to assassinate the founders of Mihoyo, the Chinese studio that created Genshin Impact.

Reportedly, the man infiltrated Mihoyo’s headquarters brandishing a knife before being arrested on April 24. Thankfully, no one was harmed.

The individual’s reasons for hatching this assassination plot are even stranger. Reportedly, he was upset over recent controversial changes to another one of Mihoyo’s games: Honkai Impact 3rd.

Mihoyo often releases server-exclusive events limited to certain regions, with different versions of rewards available for players in different regions.

Recently however, an exclusive anniversary event that went live in Honkai Impact 3rd was completely inaccessible for Chinese users.

Chinese players were thoroughly unhappy about this, and review bombed the game’s page on BiliBili as they took their complaints online.

The event had introduced Bunny Girl skins and other cosmetic rewards, which were later removed due to fan backlash. The individual was reportedly upset over this matter, to the point of wanting to assassinate the game studio’s founders for it.

If you’re curious about the now-infamous bunny cosmetics, here’s a trailer for them:

In summary: a man was upset because he couldn’t get some Bunny Girl DLC, and tried to murder game developers for it. What a world we live in.

In slightly less morbid news, Genshin Impact is getting a big update tomorrow that adds next-generation content for the PlayStation 5.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.


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