Man orders $18.80 Fatburger meal, gets angry with size of his fried chicken

There’s no two ways about it — size matters. Especially when it comes to good ol’ fried chicken.

A man, who goes by Riizaan on TikTok, recently ordered a three-piece boneless chicken meal from American fast food chain Fatburger and what he received did not satisfy him one bit.

The chicken fell short of expectations and, on Friday (Dec 30), he took to TikTok to blow off steam.

Riizaan said he placed an order at the Fatburger & Buffalo’s @ Kinex via food delivery app Deliveroo. The three-piece boneless chicken with fries and milkshake cost him $18.80.

In hindsight, Riizaan might’ve wished he had gotten a burger instead. 

“F*** is that bruh,” he snapped while filming the measly size of the boneless chicken. He also reminded everyone that the meal was delivered to him as it was.

The vulgar rant continued as Riizaan questioned the point of having “three strands of carrot” by the side.

In the comments section, netizens were just as shocked.

One mentioned how “gobsmacked” they were while another said that Riizaan “got scammed”. Others chipped in with more light-hearted comments about his misery. 



To soothe his anger, Delish Brands, the restaurant group in charge of Fatburger Singapore, popped up in the comments section.


But it appears that Delish Brands’ attempt at service recovery did little to please some netizens, who didn’t hold back in their criticism of Fatburger — claiming its recipe “really sucks” and how it was “the most bland fast food”.

Oddly enough, a quick check showed that all seven Fatburger outlets in Singapore have a Google rating of at least 4. The maximum rating one can receive is 5.

And the outlet Riizaan had bought his meal from has a 4.1 rating from over 500 Google reviewers.

When contacted by AsiaOne, a Fatburger Singapore spokesperson said that there was “a supplier error that resulted in smaller pieces of chicken”.

Fatburger Singapore has since stopped the sale of this item and will replace it with a better product next week.

“We are also in touch with the customer and have offered to replace his meal, which he has accepted in principle,” the spokesperson added.

In September, a KFC customer similarly complained about the size of the fried chicken in her three-piece chicken meal.

She mentioned that the chicken drumstick had turned into a “tiny shorty drumlet”.

To make matters worse, her order was supposed to come with a Zinger burger and that went missing altogether.

The fast food chain subsequently provided her with a complimentary KFC meal.

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