Man who allegedly strangled dog in the name of ‘training’ arrested

A Hong Kong man, who appeared to strangle a black shiba inu in a video posted online, has been arrested by the police.

The poster of the 37-second video said the incident took place at Sung Wong Toi Playground Pet Garden last Thursday night.

The man can be seen pushing the dog and holding it to the ground.

The dog looks to be struggling and can be heard letting out shrieks.

The poster said the man in question claimed to be training his dog, but added that it seemed like he was venting his frustration on the animal.

According to HK01, police said they have arrested a man in relation to the case on Tuesday afternoon.

The man is 39 years old and said he works as a driver.

He was arrested on suspicion of cruelty to animals 

The Chinese-language online portal added it understood that he was not the owner of the dog.


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