The sight of a parking officer checking out his vehicle made a man so angry, he tried to shame the officer online.

But his tirade didn’t sit well with netizens, who called him out for being xenophobic and a bully.

According to his video, reshared onto Facebook page this morning (Oct 16), the man had taken issue with the parking officer approaching his car, assuming that he would be issued a summon.


The officer upon seeing that the man’s car had been parked in the loading and unloading bay near Block 630 of an HDB estate, had come to see if the owner had exceeded the time limit permitted.

Despite explaining that he had not issued any summon (and wasn’t going to), the man continued to berate him for dishing one out. Things heated up and the man demanded to know who was the officer’s employer and what his nationality was.

He said to the officer: “Who ask you to summon? Are you permanent resident or work permit[sic]?”

Upon finding out the officer held a work permit under ST Engineering, he continued with his tirade: “So you work permit you anyhow can summon people[sic]?”

Instead of getting netizens on his side with his sharing, the man became the one at the receiving end of internet condemnation.

Many commenters criticised him for needlessly questioning the officer’s nationality, while others scolded him for being a “big bully”.



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