Man’s illicit mistress asks why wives always blame them instead of their own husbands

Singapore — A man’s secret questioned why wives always blamed ‘the other woman’ instead of their own husbands for the extra-marital affair.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions NUSWhispers, one man’s “小三 (aka mistress)” revealed that when she was younger, she dated a married man. Though she did not know that he was married at the onset of the relationship, she eventually found out.

Trying to keep her in the relationship, the man told her a sob story about how his “then-gf forced him to marry her by lying to him about being on pills. She got pregnant and said if he doesnt (sic) marry her, she will commit suicide”.

The man told his mistress that he was unhappy with his marriage and found his wife “super controlling and psycho”. Feeling sorry for him, she added that she dated him, eventually leading to his wife finding out about the affair.

The man’s wife threatened his mistress, forcing her to apologise for the affair. “At that time, she was pregnant with their second child so I also didnt (sic) want to agitate her, so I gave in and apologize[d] to her”.

Once the mistress took the blame for the affair, the man got away with his misdeeds and even went on to have a third child with his wife.

In her post, the mistress pondered: “Now that I am older, I wonder why did she blame me like it was my fault when it was HER husband who did her wrong”. She added that she was not the only person her husband had an affair with, even going as far as sleeping with her friends.

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“So to all married women out there, if your husband is not faithful, no matter how many women you chased (sic) away, he will still find someone to cheat on you with,” she warned. /TISG

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