Masked woman goes Michael Myers on streaming Singapore couple (Video)

A scary-looking – and possibly unwell – woman turned a couple’s livestream into a low-rent horror movie.

Twitch streamers Clarence Kang and Angie Mendoza said today that they were in Buona Vista when they were abruptly interrupted by a woman wearing a low-cost slasher costume – glasses over a sheet mask – who caused mayhem after kicking their food and drinks.

“We feel shocked. At first, we thought that it was a joke because obviously you can still see my face smile. After she kicked the food, I really felt angry because this food is so meaningful to us,” Angie Mendoza told Coconuts, adding that the food was a gift from viewers that they were meaning to bring home to enjoy.

“You’re not supposed to do this here. Switch off the camera before I call the police,” the woman can be heard saying. “I will kick you, you want me to kick your ass?”

After husband Clarence Kang tried to shrug her off by telling her to “have a nice day,” the woman came over and kicked their packaged food and drinks toward them.

They then called the police while the woman creepily trailed Kang in silence until a passerby came to pin her down. The woman also made weird chirping noises and at one point burst out singing.

“This is the kind of content I don’t want. But really out of nowhere she suddenly appear[ed] … of course, I cannot go near her, I cannot touch her, I’m a male,” Kang said in the stream.

The police arrived later and the stream cut to two police officers surrounding the woman with Kang saying that they left the matter to the officers. 

Mendoza said it was the first time such a thing happened and that the police never got back to them about what happened with the woman.

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