Meet Three IB Experts Behind Stamford Hong Kong's Class of 2023

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The IBDP is one of the most rigorous and well-regarded high school programs offering global access to top universities. Faculty excellence is integral to the success of any program; Stamford American School Hong Kong is home to a team of over 25 IB expert faculty. Meet three key IB specialist faculty with 55 combined years of experience guiding Stamford’s first graduating cohort to exciting futures and blazing a trail for those to follow.

Michael Galligan, Dean of Academics and IBDP Coordinator, BS, MA

Michael Galligan has led the development and accreditation of the IB at Stamford American since opening in 2017. Holding 23 years of experience, he previously led the IB program at Stamford Singapore, which has over 100 graduates yearly that are accepted into universities in twenty-two countries globally. Beyond the IBDP, from Day 1, Mr. Galligan has helped shape the school’s uniquely American and IB-centric curriculum, which combines student engagement with a strong backbone of academic rigor. 

Passionate about expanding learning opportunities outside of the classroom, Mr. Galligan has been instrumental in the growth of the school’s bespoke Cornerstones Program that pairs Grades 9 and 10 students with industry professionals in e-commerce, entrepreneurship, architecture, and more. For many students, this experience leads to their Grade 10 Sophomore Project, a start-to-finish 8-month experience of research, planning, and development of a product or service of personal interest. Students have even launched their businesses from this project, such as current Grade 12 Sameul Cruz-Bravo, who launched his clothing line, “Kawsay.” 

Mr. Galligan also teaches Grade 11 Business Management. Recently, six students participated in the city-wide “Business Excellence Contest,” They submitted a business plan to integrate technology to support a social sustainability campaign (Mother’s Choice). With this wealth of knowledge, it is no…


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