Mentors, power foods, and an appearance by an ex-MP: What politicians are talking about

“I would like to assure many well-wishers that I have been giving myself more time to rest during this period,” said Mr Baey.

“I excused myself early from Parliament sitting yesterday to go home for lunch. I then took a nap before working on my e-mails.”

The extra time he set aside for himself seemed to have done him good, as he said it gave him enough energy to attend to residents’ concerns during a virtual Meet-the-People Session that evening.

Mr Baey also assured netizens that he had been eating well and hydrating to keep going during his constituency’s Edusave Award sessions.

“Ensure Plus milk-berry smoothie, manuka honey drink, kiwi and cherries,” he said. “I can’t really taste much but important to still take in the necessary nutrients.”

Budget and chill

Most folks are used to seeing Finance Minister Lawrence Wong in a formal setting, delivering updates about Singapore’s Covid-19 situation as co-chairman of the task force tackling the disease or suited up in Parliament.

But earlier this week, netizens got a closer look at a more relaxed Mr Wong in  a comfortable polo T-shirt and boat shoes – quite a departure from his usual disposition.

The minister took to Instagram on Monday (Jan 10) to upload a series of videos featuring him chatting with four Singaporeans about Budget 2022, which he will deliver on Feb 18.


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