Meteor lands on woman’s pillow

A woman was almost killed after a meteor crashed onto her pillow “inches from her head”, reported the Daily Star. In what is believed to be a million-to-one chance, British Columbia women Ruth Hamilton was woken by the sound of a fist-sized space rock smashing through her roof and landing on her pillow. She said: “I was shaking and scared. I thought someone had jumped in or it was a gun or something. It’s almost a relief when we realised it could only have fallen out of the sky.”

Power cables entrance brown crabs

Scientists have found that underwater power cables “mesmerise” brown crabs and cause biological changes that could affect their migration habits, reported The Guardian. The offshore renewable energy cables emit an electromagnetic field that attracts the crabs and causes them to stay where they are, according to the study of about 60 brown crabs at the St Abbs marine station in the Scottish Borders.

Britain’s youngest granny named

A 33-year-old is believed to have become Britain’s youngest grandmother in recent times after her daughter, 17, gave birth. Gemma Skinner, from Buckinghamshire, gave birth to Maizie at the age of 16. Last week Maizie gave birth to a girl, Larosa Mae. Skinner said that she doesn’t mind being called “nan” or “granny” but often has to explain to people that she is not the baby’s mother. A girl aged 11 who gave birth in June is believed to be the country’s youngest mother.


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