Ministries and agencies which can approve lockdown permits

Police say approval letters or travel permits from six ministries and four other organisations will be accepted at roadblocks.

PETALING JAYA: Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani has listed the ministries and agencies from whom travel letters will be accepted at police roadblocks.

They are:

  • International trade and industry ministry (Miti);
  • Transport ministry;
  • Agriculture and agro-industry ministry;
  • Plantation industries and commodities ministry;
  • Communications and multimedia ministry;
  • Home ministry and all its agencies;
  • Local authorities;
  • Bank Negara Malaysia;
  • Securities Commission of Malaysia;
  • Malaysian Rubber Board; and
  • Police.

Approval letters from Miti are provided on application through its Covid-19 Intelligence Management System.

Hawkers, small-time traders or food trucks may use letters from their local councils, but operating licences for those in strata management, waste and sanitation will be issued by Miti.

Police will issue travel permits for the self-employed and for those applying to cross state or district borders for deaths and emergencies,

Acryl said all letters must be dated from June 1. Those issued before the date will be rejected and individuals will be asked to turn back.

He said one-off police approvals will be given for two or three days for workers and staff in non-essential sectors who need to travel to the office for company procedures such as preparing payroll or to prepare documents. An employer’s letter must be prepared as proof.

Legal firms allowed to operate with 20% staff capacity must show letters from the Legal Affairs Department through Miti while lawyers who must be present in court to represent clients must show a printed document or a letter from their legal firm.

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