Miss the taste of Bali's 'babi guling'? Get your fix at KL Jalan Sultan's Crispy Pork Noodles Soup

Miss the taste of Bali's 'babi guling'? Get your fix at KL Jalan Sultan's Crispy Pork Noodles Soup

This eatery serves a tasty version of Balinese ‘babi guling’ with juicy pork belly, crunchy skin, deep fried pork, chicharon and a flavourful shallots and chillies sambal — Pictures by Lee Khang Yi

By Lee Khang Yi

Friday, 02 Sep 2022 9:49 AM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 — If you haven’t started travelling but crave the taste of Bali’s famous babi guling, here’s how you can get it in Kuala Lumpur.

At this one-month-old Crispy Pork Noodles Soup, they serve their version of the iconic dish. Not many eateries serve this, since it requires a whole suckling pig.

While the pig can be sourced, it’s the huge space required to roast it over fire to get that crispy skin which deters many. This place takes up the challenge to recreate the iconic Balinese dish by using a smaller pork belly cut.

From what I understand, the place is operated by a local and his Filipino wife. The menu is a mix of pork dishes, from Bali, Thailand and the Philippines.

Some are dishes they love eating hence you have babi guling served side by side with lechon kawali, sisig and Thai favourites like pad krapow or stir fry pork with basil.

Most of the dishes are eaten with rice, making it ideal for solo diners. There’s also noodles like Thai kway chap and their signature Thai-style crispy pork suhun soup.

If you’re not into rice, there’s also BBQ pork rib with corn and potatoes. You can also order the platters to snack on while you drink beer.

For an extensive menu, scan the QR code at the table, which redirects you to their Beepit menu. There’s also a printed menu but that only shows limited dishes and their drinks.

Their babi guling (RM19.80) is served on brown paper just like in Bali and it’s an oink feast.

You have a piece of crunchy pork skin that hides the tender, juicy pork belly marinated with spices. There’s also chicharon, crunchy and light for texture. Also in the mix, there’s deep fried pork belly.

Their version of sayur urab is stir fried long beans that are tasty but slightly skinny on freshly grated coconut.

What ties the whole meal together is the delicious sambal which uses fried shallots and chopped chillies. Even though it’s packed with chillies, it’s got a mild heat only.

While it’s not exactly the same as the ones served in Bali, this version is a tasty one that I don’t mind indulging in.

As they use pork belly for the roasting, the meat is luscious with fat to give it a softer bite. It gets a flavour punch from the herbs and spices used to marinate it.

Pair it with the sambal with the well fried shallots with chillies and it makes a satisfying meal. The rice is also served with a bowl of pork broth that is flavourful and thankfully, not filled with MSG.

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They also serve the babi guling in a party pack for RM130, which requires pre-ordering.

As the eatery is named after the crispy pork noodles soup (RM13.90), we also ordered this. It’s incredibly homestyle with the clear pork broth served with thin slices of crispy pork and a sprinkle of chicharon.

If you prefer a soupy meal, go for their homestyle Thai crispy pork noodles served with glass noodles

If you prefer a soupy meal, go for their homestyle Thai crispy pork noodles served with glass noodles

You have thin glass noodles too. If you want more oomph, ask for the usual Thai condiments like sugar, fish sauce and chillies from them.

I also decided to try a takeaway for their lechon kawali platter (RM18). Since it’s a takeaway, the crunchiness is slightly compromised but it’s still a tasty dish with the deep fried belly cut.

The dip is just a simple one with vinegar, chopped onions and chillies. I would have preferred a little more vinegar in the dip though as it didn’t have much tanginess, which would have made the whole dish better.

You can also nibble on 'lechon kawali' with beer or pair it with rice

You can also nibble on ‘lechon kawali’ with beer or pair it with rice

Take note that the place shares the same lot as Kedai Runcit Shong Lye Trading, which is next door to Nam Heong Chicken Rice. It’s just next to the alleyway where the steamed pau is sold in the daytime.

If you’re not keen to travel down to the city centre, they are also available on Beepit and Grab for delivery, if you’re within the delivery area.

Crispy Pork Noodles Soup, 54, Jalan Sultan (directly opposite Kompleks Selangor), Kuala Lumpur. Open: 11am to 9.30pm. Tel:+6010-2896188.

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