Missing dog found 12 years on

A dog that disappeared 12 years ago has been reunited with her family. Missie, a border terrier, was one year old when she disappeared. Her owner, Liz Eldridge, 51, from Harpenden in Hertfordshire, spent eight years looking for Missie before giving up hope. She was reunited with her dog after a friend spotted a post online about a dog in a kennel that bore a resemblance to Missie. “It’s amazing. You’re not expecting it,” Eldridge told The Times.

Couple breaks speed eating record

A couple in the US have broken the Guinness World Records for speed eating hot dogs and a burrito. Miki Sudo ate an entire burrito in 31.47 seconds, breaking the previous record by 0.88 seconds. In the same day, she broke the record for most hot dogs eaten in one minute, downing six to double the previous milestone. Meanwhile, her husband, Nicholas Wehry, scoffed 12 hot dogs in three minutes, beating the previous record of nine, noted UPI.

Half-naked judge attends Zoom meeting in bed

A Colombian judge has been suspended for three months after appearing on a virtual Zoom meeting while half-naked and smoking a cigarette in bed. Vivian Polanía, 34, who has previously faced controversy in the past over her racy Instagram posts, told a local radio station she was lying in bed during the hearing because she was suffering from an anxiety attack. “I always wear my gown,” she told El Pais.


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