Model Halima Aden lauds streaming launch of refugee film ‘I Am You’

Mon, 2021-07-19 12:47

DUBAI: US-Somali model Halima Aden is celebrating the launch of refugee film “I Am You” on streaming platforms, and took to social media this week to promote the movie that she executive produced.

The film, directed by Sonia Nassery Cole, is based on a true story of three refugees who embark on a perilous journey to safety. It began streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ in select locations earlier this month.

“So excited to introduce the film I executive produced!” Aden wrote in a post on Instagram.

“It’s a life filled with hardship, struggles and uncertainty. ‘I Am You’ is a film that takes you through the life of three refugees that leave everything behind and try to make their way to safety while encountering obstacles that shape their character and destiny. Talk about a film that causes you to appreciate your life no matter where you are at the moment,” she added.

The film was first released on the festival circuit in 2019 and nabbed a number of awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Actress and Best Cinematography at the Florence Film Awards, Best Cinematography at the European Cinematography Awards and Best Feature Film at the UK Film Review Festival.

Aden, who was partly raised in a Kenyan refugee camp before her family migrated to the US, previously spoke to CBS News about why the film hit home for her.

“I was born and raised in Kakuma … all I knew was life in the camp, and it was a very protected childhood,” she said. “So, I got to learn a lot through Sonia and through watching the film because the journey that the main characters have to take is a dangerous one and it’s just so heartbreaking, and it really provokes empathy for what they had to go through just to survive.”

For her part, the director took to Instagram this week with a heartfelt post dedicated to her home country of Afghanistan.

“My dearest friends, my heart is breaking and bleeding for my beautiful Afghanistan and what is happening to the innocent Afghans that are being slaughtered by the Taliban… My film, which will give you a window (into) what is happening in Afghanistan today, is on Amazon, Apple TV+ and iTunes now.”

Model Halima Aden executive produced the film ‘I Am You.’ (File/ Getty Images)
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