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Singapore – A monitor lizard was spotted eating a large python in Ulu Pandan canal. Passers-by watched, snapped pictures and pressed the video button, but guess who threw up his lunch? The lizard. The python proved too much to swallow.

“Python hunted by jumbo monitor lizard,” wrote Facebook user Desmond Bond on Wednesday (Feb 24).

The one-minute video accompanying the post shows a monitor lizard munching on a python along Singapore’s Ulu Pandan canal.

The monitor lizard could be seen attempting to swallow the python whole.

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Photo: FB screengrab/Desmond Bond

In a separate post, Facebook user Jennifer M Tan also documented the incident with a caption, “Dinner time at Ulu Pandan canal.”

Photo: FB screengrab/Jennifer M Tan

“He spent the longest time trying to swallow the whole snake but was struggling to fit it in,” wrote Ms Tan. The scene attracted quite a crowd, she added.

Photo: FB screengrab/Jennifer M Tan

“Suddenly, he regurgitated the snake!” wrote Ms Tan. She attached a photo of the snake released back onto the canal as the monitor lizard watched.

Ms Tan shared that the monitor lizard also “belched like a Singaporean who overate.”

“What a waste of effort! Truly bit off more than he could chew!” she commented. Another video showed the monitor lizard rinsing its mouth with the nearby water before leaving its uneaten meal.

Photo: FB screengrab/Jennifer M Tan

Monitor lizards devouring pythons in Singapore are not unusual. In June last year, two monitor lizards were spotted munching on a python’s carcass in Potong Pasir. A member of the public, Swen Einhaus, documented the scene in a video uploaded on Facebook./TISG

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