More thundery showers expected in first half of August

SINGAPORE: More thundery showers are expected in the first half of August 2021 compared to the last two weeks, said the Meteorological Service Singapore on Monday (Aug 2).

During the next two weeks, the prevailing southwest monsoon conditions are expected to persist over Singapore and the surrounding region, with low-level winds forecast to continue blowing from the southeast or southwest.

As the monsoon rain band is forecast to lie close to the Equator, more rainfall over the equatorial Southeast Asia region is expected.

On most days in the fortnight, short thundery showers are expected between the late morning and afternoon over parts of the island.

The thundery showers could be heavy due to “strong day-time heating of land areas coupled with convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding vicinity”, said the Met Service.

It added that on a few days, the passage of a Sumatra squall is expected to bring widespread thundery showers with gusty winds to Singapore between the predawn hours and morning.

The rainfall for the first two weeks of August is forecast to be above average over most parts of the island.

While more showers are expected in the coming fortnight, there could still be a few warm days with daily highs of around 34 degrees Celsius.

“On most days, the daily temperature is forecast to range between 24 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius,” said the Met Service.

It can be relatively warm and humid on a few nights, with minimum temperatures of up to 28 degrees Celsius, particularly over the eastern and southern coastal areas of the island.

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The first half of July was much wetter than the second half of the month, said the Met Service.

Thundery showers fell over parts of the island between the late morning and afternoon on most days due to strong daytime heating of land areas.

Large-scale convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding region brought moderate to heavy thundery showers on a few days.

The highest daily total rainfall recorded in July was 114.2mm at Bukit Panjang on Jul 13. Rainfall was above average over many parts of Singapore in July. 

There were 14 days in July with daily maximum temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius, most of which were in the second half of the month when the weather was generally dry and warm.

The highest daily maximum temperature in July was 35.2 degrees Celsius, recorded at Marina Barrage on Jul 30. The lowest daily minimum temperature of 22.5 degrees Celsius was recorded at Admiralty on Jul 13.


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