More warm days, drier weather expected for rest of May: Met Service

SINGAPORE: More warm days and drier weather can be expected for the rest of May, the Meteorological Service Singapore said in its fortnightly outlook on Tuesday (May 17).

The daily maximum temperatures are forecast to mostly range between 34 and 35 degrees Celsius, reaching a high of around 36 degrees Celsius on some days.

Warm and humid conditions are also expected on a few nights, with temperatures hovering around 28 degrees Celsius.

This is mostly over the southern and eastern coastal areas of the island, when prevailing winds blowing from the east or southeast bring in warm and humid air from the seas, said the Met Service.

The Met Service added that the south-west monsoon season is expected to set in during the coming fortnight, usually extending into September, and it is a drier period compared to other times of the year.

During this period, the winds gradually strengthen and blow mainly from the southeast or southwest, the agency said.

In the second fortnight of May, warm weather can be expected on most days due to stable atmospheric conditions, the presence of dry air over Singapore and the surrounding equatorial Southeast Asia region as well as the influence of a dry phase of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO).

The MJO is an eastward moving disturbance of clouds, rainfall, winds and pressure that travels through the global tropics and returns to its initial point in 30 to 60 days.

Short duration showers, sometimes with thunder, can also be expected on some days over few parts of Singapore in the late morning and early afternoon.

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“In addition, islandwide thundery showers with occasional gusty winds, due to Sumatra squalls, can be expected in the morning on one or two days. With below-average rainfall to be expected for the second fortnight, the overall rainfall for May 2022 is expected to be below- to near-average over most parts of Singapore,” said the Met Service.


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