Mould, cracks and discolouration? How to make your leather bags look great again

Lee added that persistent changes in temperature causes leather to expand and contract, resulting in it drying up and cracking. “If this persists, the leather becomes irreparable and would require intense restoration services,” she said.

Style Theory, which has rental and resale services for luxury apparel and accessories, launched its restoration service late last year. The team has restored over 1,000 designer bags to date, says its co-founder and chief operating officer Raena Lim.

She shared: “The most common request from our clients is touching up the discoloured areas of the handbags. This is most often seen on the bottom corners, handles, and flaps of bags, which are high-contact areas and prone to friction and damage. Often, the leather has been scratched, or the top layers of the leather, which hold the colour, have been rubbed off, resulting in discolouration.”


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