Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Bali, Indonesia (2022 Guide)

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Bali, Indonesia (2022 Guide)

If you are a nature lover and love to collect memories of sunrises, trekking on Mount Batur at Bali is one of the best things to do. Trekking on Mount Batur is altogether a different experience where you have to start trekking in the dark so that you can enjoy the early morning sunrise. This trek is perfect for those who wish to challenge themselves after admiring the other tourist attractions of Indonesia.

Are you thinking that you do not wish to make the trek just to watch the sunrise?

Well, the most adventurous part of the trek is that you also get to meet and pass through an active volcano while reaching up the mountaintop to view the sunrise.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Bali, Indonesia (2022 Guide)

Mount Batur is in the northwestern part of Bali, Indonesia and it is an active volcano. But you do not have to worry much because this active volcano is quite safe for tourists to trek here. Of course, it was way back in the 1970s when the volcano used to erupt quite often but activity has slowed down to a great extent by 2000.

But still, it is extremely essential that you follow a proper guide and should get help from a tour expert for your Mount Batur Sunrise Trek.

Planning the Trek

Mount Batur trek has to be planned very carefully if you do not wish to miss out on the best part of the sunrise. The most important element of this trek is your timing. If you have planned everything keeping the right timing in mind, you will view one of the most beautiful sunrises in your life.

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Depending upon where you are staying, you should leave for Mount Batur at such a time that you reach the Sunrise villa at about 3:30 am. You can sip some coffee here and can carry some essentials such as water and food here.

You can start your actual trek at 4:00 am. The trek is through a small village and forest and you should reach the sunrise point in an hour or so.

The Trek Surrounding

While hiking on the mountain, you need to cross a major forest. As you will be trekking in the early hours of morning such as 4:00 am, you will find darkness all around. The trek through the forest area is of around 1 hour but as you start climbing up the slopes of the mountain, you will find the density of the trees thinning out.

Once you have reached the mountain top, you can rest on the crater rim and can wait for the sunrise to happen. Usually, you can start noticing the red sky from 5:30 am itself and the sun ultimately pops up somewhere around 6:00 am or even at times a bit later.

Surely, after having a trek of more than one hour, this feeling is the most mesmerizing event that you will remember for a long time. Once you are at the sunrise point, you will realize that all your efforts of waking up at 2:00 am at night were actually worth it.

The Difficulty of the Trek

Knowing about the timing, the active volcano, and the forest trails, many people may imagine this trek to be a difficult one. But if you have planned the trek well and have taken the help of a proper trip guide, then you will find this trek to be one of the easiest ones. It is said that almost 98% of the people succeed in reaching the sunrise point. There is only a rare number of tourists who give up the trek.

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While you can take the forest trails for climbing the mountain, you can take an alternative route to get down. This alternate path is all about the volcanic sand so that you can smoothly run down.

Once you get down, you can go to the Batur hot springs to take a dip and get relaxed from all the exhaustion that you had during the trek. The whole plan does not just make the whole trek adventurous but also quite enjoyable.

Important Tips for the Trek

While getting a trekking guide is the best option for your plan, here are also some important tips that you should follow to avoid trouble midway.

  • Comfortable Shoes:

Though the trek through the forest is just for 1.5 hours or so, it is going to be hard if you are not wearing comfortable shoes. Get a pair of comfortable trekking sneakers so that you do not have trouble hiking up the mountain. Also, make sure that the shoes have anti-skid soles so that you do not slip on anything as you will have to trek through forest trails.

  • Layer up Clothes:

There are two reasons for layering up a good amount of clothes. The very first reason is that you may feel chilly early in the morning when you have started the trek. The second most important thing is that the extra layers on your body will protect you from mosquito bites.

  • Carry Water and Sweet Treats:

As you continue on the trek, you are going to sweat a lot. If you do not keep yourself hydrated, you will soon face troubles such as dehydration and others. Hence, make sure that you carry water along with you and take sips as and when required.

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Along with water, also carry some sweet treats as sweets help your saliva glands to produce more saliva so that your mouth does not get dry.

  • First Aid Kit:

As you will be climbing up the mountain slope and will be trekking through the forest, you may or may not meet small accidents. Keep a few medical items such as an antiseptic lotion, bandages, and even a pain relief spray for such purposes.

If you are a regular hiker, you will find this trek to be a superb one. But in order to get the best experience, it is always better that you get in touch with an expert trek guide. Research well and get in touch with the one that offers you the best experience and at a great deal.

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