Mr Brown's a 'funny old man': Jack Neo and Ah Girls Go Army cast all praises for local comedian

Remember when Mr Brown made an appearance in Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men 2? 

Well, the local funnyman, who’s real name is Lee Kin Mun, is now in Ah Girls Go Army Again as a course instructor who has some pretty amusing interactions with the girls.

During an interview with AsiaOne on Tuesday (June 14), director Jack Neo revealed that getting Mr Brown, 52, to appear in his latest film was a stroke of luck. 

“He usually doesn’t get involved in movies or TV series, but luckily my producer is good friends with him, so I asked him if he wanted to [appear in Ah Girls Go Army Again] since it’s the same genre… He agreed and everybody was so happy!” 

Jack also commended Mr Brown’s knack for going beyond the script and always bringing his own flavour into his role. 

“His character is really annoying — you want to slap him — but he’s still eating his tidbits. He portrayed that character very well,” Jack laughed, adding a disclaimer that Mr Brown’s role was exaggerated in the movie for comedic purposes. 

When asked how it was working with Mr Brown, the cast, too, had their own stories to share. 

“He’s a funny old man,” quipped Yang Guang Ke Le, 25. “I call him Mr Brownie or Uncle Brownie. He’s very cute, the way he talks… and he’s very good at improvising the script to make the character his own… he’s very professional.” 


Added 34-year-old Xixi Lim: “His lines were very chunky and sometimes Jack will say, ‘Oh I don’t want you to say this, say that instead’, and he had to re-memorise everything but he still delivered.” 

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The actresses also mentioned that Mr Brown carried a film camera with him while they were filming in the forest and would take pictures during filming breaks. 

“He would snap a photo and stand there winding the camera, just like an uncle! It’s very cute!” said Xixi and Ke Le. 

Catch Mr Brown in Ah Girls Go Army Again, which premieres in Singapore cinemas June 16. 

Catch Ah Girls Go Army and Ah Girls Go Army Again in the marathon shows with cast appearances: 

  • June 18, 1.30pm at The Cathay Cineplex (Cathay Building) 
  • June 19, 12.40pm at Cathay Cineplex (AMK Hub) 

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There’s also a Meet the Cast event on June 18, 7pm, at the Festive Plaza at Our Tampines Hub.

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