M’sian restaurant owner insults customer in front of her S’pore relatives for ordering omelette, ordering late, asking a question and more

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A woman felt embarrassed in front of her relatives from Singapore after the owner of the restaurant they ate in insulted her for not having enough money to order more than an omelette. Facebook user SisYana Lashes shared their experience on June 8 while eating at Restoran 35 in Malacca, Malaysia. Ms SisYana noted they had arrived at the restaurant at around 2 pm, their group consisting of immediate family and relatives from Singapore.

Since it was already past lunchtime, many of the dishes at the restaurant were sold out. After confirming the items on display were the only ones available, Ms SisYana ordered everything that was left. She soon overheard the owner commenting, “Look at what time you came. Even if we served an elephant, it would be gone by now.”

“No money, that’s why eat omelette only. If you don’t have the cash, don’t bring your mum and dad out to eat,” the owner allegedly said, making Ms SisYana feel embarrassed in front of the group. She included a video with the owner saying in Malay, “This is my shop; it’s my problem if I want to sell or not.”

Photo: FB screengrab/SisYana Lashes

The owner continued babbling “non-stop” while the family ate, causing Ms SisYana to wonder if the owner had a problem with her family.

Photo: FB screengrab/SisYana Lashes

Still, she paid the bill, which amounted to RM240 (S$75).

Ms SisYana added that from the moment they stepped into the premises until they left, there was no apology from the owner.

“It’s not my fault, and I’m being scolded. Is this humane or what?” she asked.

According to Malaysia Gazette, the restaurant owner apologized for the outburst, noting she was “emotional and upset” at that time, although she attributed the incident to her hometown’s culture, wherein the “people of Malacca are rude and loud.”

She pointed out that “customers make mistakes too” and added she wouldn’t change her attitude.

“People of Malacca are rude and loud. But not all conversations contain swearing,” said the owner, urging the public to make an informed decision on the incident. /TISG

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