'My heart dropped': Malaysian man films heart-wrenching footage of Covid-19 patient saying last goodbye to his family over video call

The reality of Covid-19 became clear for one man, as he witnessed the final moments of two patients in his ward first-hand. 

On Wednesday (Sept 8), a series of heart-wrenching clips were uploaded on a Malaysian Facebook group, which revealed the last moments of two Covid-19 patients. 

The three videos, approximately twenty seconds in length, were reportedly filmed by another patient in the same ward.

According to Oriental Daily, the videos were filmed at Penang General Hospital, the largest public hospital in Penang. The video compilation by the Malaysian news outlet has over 118,000 views.  

In the first video, the man explained in Hokkien that the doctor – dressed in full personal protective equipment – was helping the patient make a video call to his family members, so that he could say goodbye to them before he passed on.

The man, not identified in the video, said: “The doctor is letting [the uncle] and his family video call for the last time – [so that] the uncle can say ‘bye bye’ to his family.” 

Ending the first video, the man sighed, saying that his heart “dropped”. 

In the second clip, he said, “there’s another one here too” as the footage shows yet another patient in the same ward bidding his family farewell virtually. 

As if things weren’t distressing enough, the third video shows hospital staff wheeling in two metal boxes, likely to transport the bodies of the two patients away.

“Two boxes are here, they’re right in front of my face,” the man said, his voice slightly shaken. 

The Malaysian news outlet also reported that the man has cautioned others not to underestimate the virus. 

On Friday, Malaysia has reported 21,176 new cases, with 1,939 cases from Penang. Penang’s intensive care unit (ICU) has reached 95 per cent, while the nation’s ICU occupancy rate is more than 82 per cent.

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In terms of inoculation, more than 21 million Malaysians have received their first dose of the vaccine, while over 16.6 million are fully vaccinated.

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