Mytheria: The First Create – To – Earn NFT Trading-Card Game Ever Had A Fruitful January IGO On Binance

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NFT game industry is undoubtedly expanding fast, with an aspiring newbie ramping up. Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons – the first Create–to–earn NFT card-based game ever on the blockchain platform reaped its initial success with the Binance Initial Game Offering (IGO) on Jan 6. All 3,000 Pandora Packages offered in this IGO were sold out in just 24 hours, with the most premium Diamond Packages gone in just under 3 seconds. The game also broke the record on Binance with a $10 million trading volume.

Mytheria riveted the attention of NFT enthusiasts and the GameFi community quickly. Its top-notch graphics, Marvel-style experiences, exciting drama and the unique mythological game universe can surely keep the players on the edge of their seats. In the game, gods and mortals of Northern Europe, Greece, Egypt, China, Vietnam—and many more will join the battle together to pursue honour and glory.

Notably, in this IGO, Mytheria tested its unique God Forge feature for artists to create their very own god images and share revenue with the in–house team. This feature will contribute greatly to the global creator economy. Artists will also be entitled to transaction commission once their arts are traded on the Mytheria website. Buyers and sellers will use a Marketplace to earn cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for real money. A more significant test will be rolled out in the following NFT sale events.

Mytheria offered 3,000 Pandora Packages, including 50 Diamond Packages and 2,950 Gold Packages. Each Pandora Package includes a Main Chest and a Bonus Chest. The Diamond Pandora package comes with one Diamond Chest and one Special Bonus chest. The Diamond Chest contains 5 cards with a 100% guaranteed Legendary God or even better and higher chances of getting rare cards than other chests. Only 500 Diamond chests will ever be minted. 50 chests offered in this IGO were sold out in the blink of an eye, so if interested players want to claim the remaining 450 chests in the upcoming sales, they’d better be quick. Each Gold Package includes 10 Gold Chests (50 cards) and the double chance of getting a God. On the other hand, the Gold Chests will never be re-released after this IGO. Thus anyone fortunate enough to claim the Gold Packages this time can ensure a strong start in the game.

The highlight of this IGO is the 12 Zodiac Animals – a distinct Asian cultural feature. Only 2,600 Zodiac Animal Cards will ever be minted, and Mytheria already released 100 cards this time. The more Zodiac Animals join the team, the more power players can unleash. These cards have excellent artistic quality and outstanding in-game skills that would certainly make them highly priced on the trade markets. If players miss the sales, they can still buy on the Binance Marketplace and Mytheria Marketplace, but good deals are not guaranteed.

Apart from the sales, Mytheria is rewarding their avid supporters through various competitions:

1. Top Trader Competition on Binance: Top 20 traders who contributed to Mytheria’s record trading volume on Binance will share a prize pool of 20,000 BUSD. Get yours quickly before the competition ends on Jan 13th. Claim your packages fast on Binance.

2. Gleam Contest for Mytheria communities: A Gleam contest is opened with a $10,000 prize pool! Anyone who joins Gleam Contest has a chance to win Diamond and Gold Pandora Packages and MYRA tokens. Interested players can join via the Gleam link.

3. Package Staking Event: Successfully bought a Pandora Package on Binance? Congratulations! If you want to earn more, keep your Packages unopened until Jan 29 and join the Staking Event on the Mytheria website. A prize pool of 1,500 USDT each day is to be shared among staked Packages. Read more at the Mytheria website.

4. God Forge Art Contest: An Art Contest going on until Jan 31st 2022 with a $50,000 total prize pool, $5,000 first prize. The contest is proudly supported by world-known artists like Ron Lemen, Dao Le, Jad Saber and Duc Truong. Join the contest with hundreds of other artists at

Mytheria – embracing culture and art with passion

Mytheria was created by Le Manh Cuong, who was brave enough to drop out of university to pursue his dream of becoming a game artist. For Mytheria, he spent years researching gods from cultures worldwide for the character story and design. He proudly shared that: “I have the ambition to build a world in which Gods from different cultures all battle for glorious victory. They will have attractive visuals, personalities, and stories. And their personalities and stories are linked together.” Mytheria’s team has set a solid foundation for its achievements. Le Manh Cuong’s talented artist team includes Duc Truong and Ha Duong. They were credited in some of the most prominent work in the game and movie industries, including work from Marvel, Arena of Valor and Garena. They were behind eye-catching in-game images of gods such as Thor and Odin, Zeus, Sun Wu Kong, or Saint Giong…Additionally, Mytheria’s trusted Strategic Advisor team was joined by veterans from the Vietnamese start-up and blockchain industry, such as Mr Tri Pham (CEO of Whydah, Co-founder of Kardia Chain); Mr Steven Nguyen (Founder CoinCu, Netlink Online, Metub Network) and others. With such a team, Mytheria has a promising future and may become the Dota of the Blockchain game industry in the future.



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