Need a friend? A ‘quiet buddy’ in Singapore is up for rent

A rental service for those who want some quiet company has surfaced online today.

For S$100 (US$71), you can rent a platonic friend, buddy or a “shadow” — who speaks as little as is required and will accompany you anywhere — on buy-and-sell platform Carousell.

“A quiet buddy to do quiet things together,” the description in the listing by @thelonelyshadowquote reads. 

The listing says the counterpart will speak “minimally,” mostly using non-verbal gestures or giving “simple” replies.

The S$100 rental person comes without a mask but there is an option for he/she to hide beneath one for S$300. One can also add on to pay for a “surprise gift,” most probably to give to oneself. 

The listing suggests things you can do with your companion like taking a stroll at a park, reading books, studying at a cafe, going to the movies, or just simply having someone to talk to.

While the service is also available on Zoom, all physical meet-ups have to be in public spaces.

Also, the fee does not include dining and travel expenses.

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