Singapore — A netizen asked parents to respect their offspring’s feelings regardless of their age.

“Today my dad flared up at me in public because he valued his wife’s feelings more than mine”, the netizen wrote in an anonymous post on popular page on Sunday (May 30).

The netizen said they had an argument with their mother. After the verbal exchange, the mother walked away.

“All my dad did was come to me and tell me ‘don’t upset at (sic) her anymore or else I will get angry”. He doesn’t even want to understand why I feel this way.”

The anonymous contributor added that they cried in public because they felt alone despite being with their parents.

When the father saw that they were crying, he said the family’s mood was ruined because of it.

“cry cry cry. I don’t want talk to you anymore,” the father scolded.

“I did nothing wrong. All I did was allow my parents to see that I was sad. And I paid the price,” the contributor wrote.

The netizen added: “Today is the last time I open up to my parents. I hope none of your children end up like me.”

Some of those who commented on the post were sympathetic to the netizen’s feelings. Others felt that the issue was blown out of proportion and the netizen was being overly sensitive.

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