Singapore – Singaporean Twitch who goes by the handle “” () has been accused by the online community of her involvement with several love scams after a recorded phone call went public.

An audio recording of a woman that sounded like Ms Kiara admitting to scamming multiple men was posted on YouTube on Thursday (Jun 3) with the caption “Kiaraakitty exposed.”

Although the recording was around 15 minutes long, it was reported that the entire conversation lasted more than an hour.

The female voice in the video revealed to the man, which she called “honey,” that she was a natural at scamming others and never got caught.

She shared that she was often called “stupid” or “dumb” while growing up in school, so she used this to her advantage by giving the same impression to others.

The woman revealed having figured out “what kind of people to target” and get what she wanted in the process.

“I know guys when they’re lonely, and when they don’t have a good family situation, they are very vulnerable, so I just know what kind of people to target. I’ll ask them how’s life and let them open up, and when they open up, that’s when I know that I can take something from them,” said the woman.

She also mentioned having scammed at least seven different men, including one with a disability. One of her victims had given her his life savings of more than S$30,000.

The audio recording also had a screenshot of the caller’s phone at the beginning, indicating he was on the line with “Kiara.”

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Photo: YT screengrab

page @ourfallenwarriors shared the incident on Jun 4, noting it was a story “that must be shared.”

The page went into great detail, illustrating the streamer’s victims, such as a Singaporean NSmen (national servicemen) who lost his life savings in the love .

The man behind the page told Coconuts that he was a victim of such as scam and wanted to raise awareness on the issue after watching the video.

“I am just a 20-year-old who [has] been a victim of scam [earlier] and understand that the recovery process can be very difficult. I converted an existing page and decided to use it to help spread the word – along with using other platforms to spread the message,” he said.

On Jun 5, Kiara took to one of her Instagram stories highlighting “some rumours” about her, according to Mothership.

“Hi everyone, I heard some rumours about me, just to let you all know is false and staged. Is so ridiculous that I made a police report and currently waiting for the police before I can let you all know what happen. Thank you so much for all your support and love to me,” wrote Kiara./TISG

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