New playground light-up brings CNY cheer to estate in Bukit Timah

SINGAPORE – Residents of Eng Kong and Chee Soon estate welcomed the Chinese New Year street light-up at Eng Kong Garden Playground on Saturday (Jan 15).

The street decorations are fully sponsored by the area residents and community partners such as Certis Corporate University and Eng Kong Terrace businesses.

Adviser to Bukit Timah Grassroots Organisations and Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development Sim Ann attended the event.

Dr Kenneth Tan, vice president and head of Certis Corporate University, and Ms Gan Giok Em (Annie), Eng Kong, Cheng Soon Neighbourhood Committee chairman, were also present.

Residents at the event were reminded to keep to groups of no more than five and maintain 1m distance.

The lanterns along the streets at Eng Kong Garden Playground, Eng Kong Terrace coffee shops, parts of Upper Toh Tuck Terrace and parts of Lorong Kismis will remain until February 15.

Mr Goh Soon Hong, a resident who has been living in the Eng Kong and Chee Soon estate for 11 years, hopes that the Chinese New Year street lights will become a yearly event.

“The playground has been a bit quiet since Covid-19 started, but with the lights the residents have become more excited; they have another reason to come to the playground,” said the 50-year-old who works in a bank.

Ms Sim told the Straits Times that the Chinese New Year street-light initiative was important for residents to feel festive joy amid the pandemic.

She added: “An initiative like this speaks volumes about the spirit of solidarity as well as neighbourliness, and it is to be encouraged.”

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