Next stop, Serangkoon: 'Glitch' on MRT train display tickles netizens

Glitches on MRT trains usually aren’t fun for commuters, but some pictures of a ‘malfunctioning’ LED display on a North East Line train have got some netizens rather amused. 

The photos were uploaded to Instagram and Reddit on Thursday (Nov 24). Instead of showing ‘Serangoon’, the LED display reads ‘Sext Station’ and ‘Serangkoon’. 

In another photo, it shows ‘Bolo Kene’ instead of Boon Keng.

It is unclear if the photos were doctored, or simply a diagnostic error. Nonetheless, netizens were still entertained by it, with some making references to DC and Marvel movies.


Over on Reddit, one user suggested that it could be someone running diagnostics on the train’s computer network. 

Another however, said it didn’t seem like “anything malicious”, but just a connection problem with the display. 


AsiaOne has reached out to SBS Transit for further comment. 

Speaking of strange occurrences along the North East Line, a video surfaced online of a man tapping in and out of several gantries at Outram Park station back in 2019, which caused netizens to speculate that he was abusing Land Transport Authority’s Travel Smart Rewards initiative.

The Smart Rewards Initiative allows commuters to earn points during their commute on the MRT and LRT on weekdays, and the points can be used to win cash rewards.

An investigation by LTA eventually revealed that the incident arose from testing conducted by Nets as part of its SimplyGo trial. 

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