No air? Animal lovers concerned for rats in Singapore Zoo enclosure that seem to be struggling for fresh air (Video)

The Singapore Hamster Society recently shared a video they had received of a family of rats at the Singapore Zoo that looked like they were clamouring for air in their acrylic enclosure. 

The large acrylic enclosure is home to “more than 20 rats” and has small holes on the sides for ventilation. 

The caption reads, “…though the rats were living in a large enclosure, they were acting abnormally, putting their noses to breathe through the fine holes and gaps in the edges. At times they can be seen climbing on top of each other to do so. 

“The staff explained that the rats were “looking for fresh air”, and as the rats are confined, the staff will open the acrylic box for 30 minutes a day.”

Mandai Wildlife Reserve, which manages the Singapore Zoo, was tagged in the caption and addressed the post in a comment. 

They attributed the behavior of the rats to their curiosity and said that “certain smells in the air prompted them to explore and triggered the inquisitive sniffing”. 

They also said that they conducted a medical assessment after the complaint and found the rats to be in good health. 

Many concerned commenters were still not satisfied with the reply from Mandai Wildlife Reserve. 

User @shiro_hammy said, “I think u have some misconception. The rats are still alive doesn’t mean that they are happy to live in this condition. I can live with limited ventilation for my whole life, but am I going to be happy with this limitation ventilation? That’s the difference. Do I have to be dead to let others know that I’m not happy with my living condition?”

There were others who also pointed out that the enclosure seemed a bit cramped. 

We’re no rat experts but surely a cage where they never have to climb on top of each other would be ideal?

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