No cover-up in report on LRT crash, says Wee

More than 200 passengers were injured when two RapidKL LRT trains collided last month after communication problems with the control centre. (Wee Ka Siong Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Transport minister Wee Ka Siong has reiterated that there was no cover-up of the RapidKL LRT crash last month.

He said the ministry’s investigation committee looking into the crash was an investigation committee, not an adjudicating committee.

“Therefore, it has no authority to apportion blame or to pin liability against any party. The members’ duty was to determine the factors and causes that led up to the incident; they had completed it within the time given,” Wee said in a Facebook post.

“The investigation committee does not seek to be the judge and jury. And the ministry has no power to prosecute any case,” Wee added.

The minister said his posting was made after internet users had picked up on the phrase “not for the purpose of apportioning blame nor liability”. He said it did not mean that no one could be blamed.

Wee said: “I have in no way stated that no one is to be blamed for allowing the accident to happen”, adding that there was no cover-up as alleged by some quarters.

He said he left it to Prasarana to take its own action against the officers involved, based on the contract terms between the employer and employee.

Earlier this week, Wee revealed critical procedures were ignored when one of the trains involved in the LRT crash malfunctioned.

He said the train driver, or hostler, of train 40 (TR40) without passengers, encountered communication difficulties with the operation control centre that inadvertently led to the crash.

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“The hostler did not report the track section number to the control centre. This should be reported periodically,” Wee had said.

Meanwhile, the committee recommended five short-term changes, 11 medium-term changes, and seven long-term changes that would take more than six months to implement.

Short-term improvements (within three months) include posting two hostlers during manual operations, with one acting as a safety and compliance officer.

Some of the committee’s medium-term recommendations were for a technical evaluation on SOPs for manual operations in tunnels and to undertake periodic audits.

The committee also recommended improvements to the accountability of the train management towards all SOPs, emergency response plans and safety procedures.

Their long-term proposals include a reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) study on all Prasarana Malaysia Bhd and Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd assets and systems.


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