No doorstep delivery: Woman in Malaysia splashes bubble tea at delivery rider and security guard

After being told she could not receive her bubble tea at her doorstep, a woman in Malaysia ‘treated’ the delivery rider and a security guard to a boba ‘shower’. 

A Facebook video shared by Michael Cheang last Saturday (Nov 27) showed the customer ‘tipping’ the soaked pair by flipping the bird before storming back to her apartment.

The incident happened on Nov 26 at around 8pm, Cheang wrote.

The woman, who is reportedly from China, had insisted that the rider deliver the bubble tea to her doorstep. But he was unable to do so due to Covid-19 safety measures that were enacted by her apartment building’s security personnel.

Cheang wrote: “The woman ‘advised’ the security staff to punish the delivery rider. After that, she became very angry and said she never had problems in other countries including China, and asked ‘why is Malaysia so terrible?'”

Cheang, who works in the security industry, also paid tribute to the security guard and delivery rider for their professionalism.

“In the face of such a fiery and arrogant resident, they kept their cool to handle the matter and carry out their duties. I’m so proud of them,” he wrote.

The Facebook post garnered over 700 comments and 125,000 shares, with some Facebook users criticising the woman for her tantrum.


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