No joke: China burglar dozes off mid-robbery, wakes up homeowner with loud snoring

A burglar in China recently became a laughing stock online after he was caught snoozing mid-robbery.

The intruder, surnamed Yang, had sneaked into a home in Yunnan through an open window at around midnight on Nov 8, South China Morning Post reported. 

Hearing voices in the house, Yang realised that the residents were still awake.

He decided to smoke in a separate room as he waited for them to go to bed.

The burglar fell asleep instead.

According to The Paper, the homeowner surnamed Tang was sleeping with her child when loud snores woke her.

Thinking that the sound came from her neighour, she paid it no attention at first.

40 minutes later, Tang noticed that the snoring were getting louder when she went to wash her child’s milk bottle.

That was when she realised that the sound was coming from another room in her house. 

Opening the room’s door, the woman was alarmed to see Yang sleeping soundly on the floor.

She immediately left the room and alerted her family and the police about the intruder.

Police officers arrested Yang and revealed that the man was a repeat offender.

He was jailed for theft in 2022 and was released from prison in September.

Yang’s fiasco went viral on social media, with netizens mocking him for falling asleep while trying to commit a burglary

“This is too funny. The thief brought the police to his doorstep,” one of them commented. 

Another netizen said: “If he was so tired, maybe he should not have ‘worked’ overtime.”

“I wonder what the sentence is for breaking into the home and not stealing anything?” one asked. 

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