No joke: Mum on motorcycle wields cane, forces son to jog on sidewalk in Malaysia

To help her son lose weight, one woman in Malaysia came up with an ingenious method to make the boy exercise. 

Her plan was captured in a video uploaded to TikTok on Monday (Sept 18). The 24-second video, filmed by a passenger in a car, shows the boy jogging along a sidewalk in Perak. 

As he struggles to complete the exercise, his mother trails behind him on a red motorcycle – while holding a cane in her left hand. 

“Be strong brother. Life is as hard as a mother’s cane,” wrote the passenger in the video caption. 


semangat dik , hidup ni keras mcm rotan yang mak kau bawak tu 🤣 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #masukberanda

♬ Jiwa Yang Bersedih – Ghea Indrawari

The amusing clip has garnered over 970,000 views on TikTok, tickling netizens who appreciated the woman’s dedicated efforts in motivating her son to lose weight. 

“Old school style training, but the boy will succeed in achieving his goal,” wrote one netizen. 

“Sometimes you have to learn in a hard way in order to achieve something. One day you will definitely thank your mum for doing this [sic],” chimed another. 

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