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Noor Riyadh festival wins six Guinness World Records

DHAHRAN: Ithra wrapped up the third edition of Al-Sharqiya Gets Creative, an initiative focused on unleashing the local creative community’s potential.

This year’s edition featured 250 participants, 16 strategic partners, including universities, businesses, institutes and municipalities, 300 creative participants and 200 teachers.

Al-Sharqiya Gets Creative program has been the largest creativity movement in Saudi Arabia aimed at activating the Eastern Province’s creative potential. 

“Al-Sharqiyah Gets Creative reflects a broader focus on talent, creativity and innovation to drive economic diversity and prosperity in Saudi Arabia. 

“The initiative is inspired by Tanween, which has welcomed more than 200,000 visitors and more than 75,000 program participants since its inception in 2018,” Ithra said in a statement. 

The fifth edition of Tanween drew local, domestic and international talents and participants as the center provided an array of workshops, masterclasses and other activities at Ithra’s landmark building.

Tanween 2022 presented a range of offerings for curious learners of all ages. 

Highlights included a keynote address by Saudi design advocate Princess Nourah Al-Faisal, a talk by graffiti artist Carlos Mare and the Inferno robotic experience. 

The global lineup of speakers included Reebok cofounder Joe Foster and serial brand collaborator designer Rami Afifi. 

Saudi Fashion Exhibition, a celebration of 45 Saudi brands that highlighted the Kingdom’s history through fashion, was also popular. 

The Tanween Hub hosted several public activities related to architecture, fashion, nature and technology. 

The Weave Not Waste Wall, which had buckets of ribbons on the ready, encouraged visitors to consider the importance of managing textile waste by weaving on large-scale looms using recycled textiles. 

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The Tanween Challenges exhibition and the Grad Expo showcased the skills of the next generation of designers, while the FIFA World Cup trophy was also showcased at Ithra on its last stop before heading to Qatar.

Both programs were designed to promote creativity in society, while also contributing to the development of the creative industries in general.  

For more information on Ithra and its programs, visit www.ithra.com.


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