Not just a standee: Eagle-eyed netizens spot Singapore's 'most handsome' policeman's cool airborne badge

We’ve seen him before. In front of supermarkets, retail stores and sometimes even hawker centres. The cardboard standee with the words “Shop theft is a crime” is not an uncommon sight to see.

But did you know that the officer behind that standee has more skills than we think?

In a video uploaded by the Singapore Police Force on Thursday (Aug 18), Ryan Koh, the handsome man of the standee, describes what he does for his job, including leading a team of officers to fight crime, engaging the community and ensuring the well-being of his colleagues over at Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC). 


Replying to @w_nston he does more than just be a standee tho 😉. With great power comes great responsibility. #singaporepoliceforce #safeguardingeveryday

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The video was uploaded as a reply to a TikTok user named W_nston. “He does more than just be a standee tho[ugh],” read the caption, “With great power comes great responsibility”. 

Koh, nicknamed the “Yan Dao (handsome in Hokkien) policeman”, became the commanding officer of that NPC last year. 

However, what caught the eyes of some pretty sharp netizens was the shiny airborne badge that he wore on his police uniform.

For the uninitiated, that is a Basic Parachutist Airborne badge, meaning Koh must have had received proper parachute training in the past.

These Skill Badges are typically only awarded to service personnel who have acquired a professional skill or have undergone some kind of specialised training.

Naturally, some netizens were suitably impressed by the idea that their neighbourhood policeman is trained to leap off a plane if that situation ever arises. 


 One netizen mentioned how they would still give Koh’s standee a high five whenever they spot it.


Now, who would’ve thought that the viral anti-theft police officer not only had the skills to model and lead a team but is also brave enough to be able to jump out of a plane.

Unfortunately ladies, Koh, 39, is off the market. 

In 2016, Koh married his fellow officer Sabrina where they posed with the famous standee for their wedding photos and made a sensation on social media.

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