OnePlus patent provides a hint of the company's foldable phone plans

OnePlus may not be making a foldable phone anytime soon, but its patent provides some hints of what to expect from the company when it does.

Based on the illustrations in the patent, OnePlus plans to use two hinges for its foldable phone which divides the device into three folding sections. The biggest section – likely to accommodate the battery and processor – will rotate around the larger hinge.

The smaller hinge supports the two smaller sections, which allows the device to be used in a similar manner as current foldable phones.

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OnePlus isn’t the first company to be looking at a dual-hinge or tri-folding device. Samsung published sketches of a device with a tri-folding display and another device with a rollable display.

Samsung also confirmed earlier this year that the ccompany will strengthen its presence in the display market through innovative form factors such as rollable and sliding displays.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.


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