Orangutan’s bold move with posing tourist

A cheeky orangutan in a Beijing Zoo has gone viral after striking a very cheeky pose with a female tourist.

A tourist’s trip to a zoo got intimate real fast when an orangutan fondled and kissed her in a moment captured on video, reports the New York Post.

The woman, TikTok user @fongpang2012, was visiting Safari World in Bangkok in late June when the frisky animal got a little handsy.

In a video, the primate can be seen grabbing her breasts and even giving her a kiss on the cheek when she was attempting to pose for a photo.

The woman was seen sitting down on a swing at the zoo ready for a sweet touristy snap when the cheeky ape comes up behind her and paws at her, cupping her breasts before giving her several attempted kisses on her cheek.

The ape grins wildly as people take photos and film the interaction.

The woman — albeit surprised — giggles as the orangutan continues to kiss her cheek.

In defence of the offending orangutan, another video posted by the woman showed that this cheeky monkey was capable of a little chivalry — gently kissing her hand and posing with his arm around her shoulder.

It’s unclear (although it seems somewhat likely) if the orangutan was trained to surprise tourists in this way.

Orangutans are closely related to humans, having 97 per cent of DNA in common, according to the Orangutan Project. They’re great apes, as opposed to monkeys.

According to WWF, orangutans are found only in the rainforests of the Southeast Asian islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

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They live in tropical forests and prefer river valleys and flood plains of their respective islands and spend nearly their entire lives in trees.

This article was originally published on NY Post and has been reproduced with permission.