An Orchard Road eatery breaching the alcohol curfew by discreetly serving beer out of teapots was caught as part of a weekend crackdown on COVID-19 scofflaws. 

The unidentified eatery was among 23 food and beverage outlets found guilty of a range of offenses during an enforcement sweep of COVID-19 safety measures. Though eating out is allowed again; tables must maintain social distance, diners are limited to groups of five, and a booze curfew is in effect. 

“Investigations revealed that the teapots contained beer, and the bottles of beer sold by the restaurant were concealed at the bottom of the fridge storing drinks,” the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment announced today.

The “teapot” beer was being sold to a group of 13 past the 10:30pm curfew, a ministry news release said.

Other eateries violating rules included a restaurant in Chinatown where a group of 10 were dining together across two tables in a private room. Another Orchard Road restaurant was “closed” and locked when authorities raided it after hearing loud conversations from within. Enforcement officers repeatedly called for the people inside to open the doors. When they eventually entered, they found six patrons seated inside with no drinks on the table.

“However, CCTV footage showed that these patrons had been drinking just before the [officers] arrived,” the news release said. 

Separately, a Boat Quay restaurant was caught serving a group of 15 seated at four tables for a “pre-planned dinner event.” A Jurong East restaurant had also served eight customers dining together. 

The ministry said that 149 outlets were inspected Saturday and Sunday, and that it was reviewing the appropriate penalties for eateries found to have violated the rules, which may include temporary closure or fines.

“COVID-19 remains a grave threat. Dining out is an activity that involves considerable risks because it entails gathering in enclosed spaces, without masks on, and for a prolonged duration,” the ministry said.

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