Just in time for Christmas! Local healthcare appliance company Osim has some new products in store that could take self-pampering and self-gratification at home to new, intense heights. 

Two of its new massage wands are up for sale at discounted prices: the uPamper Mini and the uDolly 2. While both products are portable, handheld massagers meant for targeted relief of muscles on various parts of the body, the former offers a stronger frequency of vibration at 5,5000 pulses per minute to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. 

But the uDolly 2’s similarity to another massage wand that’s been used for… carnal purposes is not lost on netizens.

You see, Osim’s device bears resemblance to something called the Hitachi Magic Wand, a massage wand that was originally manufactured in the ‘60s to relieve tension and relax sore muscles. It wasn’t long that women found out that it could also function as a vibrator, and today it continues to be the most recognisable sex toy in the world. 


Following Osim’s Facebook post about its newfangled massagers, the internet was quick to inquire about their alternative usages. 


Osim, on the other hand, has not drawn any links between its portable massager and sexual wellness. On its website, the uDolly 2 ($129) is branded simply as a device that provides “quick on-the-go” relief for everyone, including office workers, service staff and homemakers. Suggested parts of the body the massager can be used on? The neck, shoulders, back and calves. 

There’s even a changeable massage head for the uDolly 2 — users can switch it to something that has ridges for a more satisfying vibration and stimulation. Of muscle layers. 

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The portable massager is on sale for Singles Day, which is kinda apt when you think about it. Oh look, it already ran out of stock at Courts. 





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