(Screengrab from OSMIC website)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A company in Japan is set to release a luxury tomato juice for the extraordinary price of NT$2,750 (10,000 yen).

The high-end tomato juice is priced at NT$2750. (Screengrab from OSMIC website)

Avid juice lovers will need to pay nearly 27 times more than the average price of tomato juice to get a taste of the new product.

OSMIC, an agricultural developer and consultant, has announced via its website the award-winning ”First Tomato Juice” which is made from OSMIC mini tomatoes.

The company advertised its juice for boasting an all-natural sugar content of 15 percent without added sugar or water.

(Screengrab from website)

According to foreign media, the tomatoes used to produce the drink are cultivated in OSMIC’s special soil, which is said to contribute to its higher sugar content and give the drink a taste similar to mangoes.  

Interested parties can now make reservations on OSMIC’s website with delivery expected in July. 

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