Paw-tection Plan: Singapore SPCA urges public to keep a lookout for pack of cat-killing stray dogs

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Singapore (SPCA) has put up a post for the public to keep a lookout for a pack of dogs involved in the attack and killing of several community cats. 

The incidents are mainly occurring in the Ang Mo Kio, Hougang and Seletar areas, according to a post

More than 20 community cats have been killed which have left the community feeders and caregivers at a loss.

Paw Patrol

In an attempt to protect the community cats, the Cat Welfare Society has set up a neighborhood watch system which allows everyone to document their sightings of the dogs to assist the relevant authorities. 

The data will not only help with tracking where the dogs are but also for community cat caregivers in the area to have a heads-up so they can keep the kitties in the area safe. 

If you have any information that can help with this effort, you can fill up the form here

Community feeders in the areas have also started a Facebook group called ‘SOS: The pack of stray dogs that kill cats in Singapore’ where locations the dogs were last seen are posted regularly. 

The dedicated and passionate people in the group have also expressed their devastation at the loss of their beloved community cats. 

Loss of habitat

The SPCA also said that while they are implementing measures to keep the cats safe, it is also important for the public to understand that these incidents happen because of the loss of habitats due to urbanization. 

“These dogs are being forced out of their homes and have little choice but to venture into other areas.”

They added, “We ask that the public refrain from harming them, but instead, work together to find a solution to address the root cause of the problem that is best for both the cats and dogs.”

According to witnesses, there are at least four dogs in the pack, one of them black-coated and the other three have brown coats.

They warn that no one would approach them and always maintain a safe distance. 

What’s next? 

Though it all sounds like a plan, many have commented on the post asking what steps will happen to the dogs when they are caught. 

While some agree that action needs to be taken to prevent the dogs from killing more cats, putting down the dogs is not an ideal option as well. 

The SPCA has yet to respond to the questions. 

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