People are not happy after learning the 2022 Super Bowl will take place Valentine’s Day weekend

February may not live up to its nickname as the month of love this year after it was announced to the horror of those in relationships that the 56th Super Bowl will take place on the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

Typically, sports fanatics and romantics can easily separate their two loves during the second month of the year, as the football face-off usually takes place early in the month while Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February each year.

However, this year will mark the latest the big game has ever been held, as it is officially scheduled to take place on Sunday 13 February at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, which means that, for many, it will clash with the unofficial Valentine’s Day weekend.

The overlap has left those paired up distraught, with many taking to TikTok to share their distress over the scheduling conflict, and question what it may mean for their Valentine’s Day plans.

“I wanna talk to whoever decided that Super Bowl Sunday was on Valentine’s Day weekend because they are def single,” one woman named Elena, who goes by the username @elenaa_l10, wrote on TikTok, as she mouthed: “What’s going on?”

In another video from a woman named Ava, who goes by the username @definetlynotava8, she wrote: “To the person that moved the Super Bowl to Valentine’s Day weekend… I don’t think you understand how much you ruined.”

“I personally don’t like what you’ve done,” she wrote in the caption of the clip, which saw her rolling her eyes.

The overlap also prompted a number of memes on the app, with many couples acting out their reactions to finding out that the Super Bowl would likely take precedence over Valentine’s Day.

Others suggested that the overlap would be a “great test of priorities,” as one woman claimed that she “intentionally” made her Valentine’s Day plans on Super Bowl Sunday.

While many were jokingly frustrated by the impact the football game would have on the romantic holiday weekend, one woman named Rebecca, who goes by the username @reveeccaaxxo, urged other women to help her come up with a plan to fix the situation.

“Ladies, what are we doing about the fact that Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl are on the same weekend???” she captioned a clip on the app.

In response, viewers agreed that something had to be done, with one person writing: “Omg we need to fix this quick!” to which Rebecca jokingly responded: “How are we going to make that weekend about us?”

“To the drawing board!” someone else wrote.

According to Sporting News, the change, which marks the first time since 2003 that the Super Bowl has not been held on the first Sunday in February, is the result of the NFL’s expanded game schedule. The previous latest Super Bowls were held on 7 February.


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