After a video of a Bukit Panjang vegetable stallholder spraying insecticide on garlic went viral last month, concerns have surfaced over a rat infestation at the stall, Lianhe Wanbao reported

According to the Chinese evening daily, a 53-year-old resident stated that he regularly sees rats scurrying around the 24-hour vegetable stall when he patronises the nearby coffee shop at night.

He also claimed that he saw seven to eight rats feasting on produce when he passed by the stall on April 18. 

He said, “The rats are very huge, almost as big as 30 centimetres. I am worried that someone will get an upset stomach after buying and consuming the fruits and vegetables, so I took a video to complain to the authorities.”

The resident also pointed out that there are at least two holes in the ceiling near the pillar behind the vegetable stall, which is believed to be where the rats enter and exit.

In a video provided to the newspaper by the resident, a large rat could reportedly be seen running across vegetables. In another clip, two to three rats were spotted hiding in the hole in the ceiling, Lianhe Wanbao said.

This comes after the stallholder reportedly told the newspaper last month that he had thrown away all the rotten fruit, cleared away the produce that was on the floor previously and had even asked cleaners to wash the floor after the insecticide incident went viral online.


In response to the Chinese daily’s queries on the rat infestation, the stallholder only said, “You all have caused me so much misery.”

He then refused to comment further. 

An employee of a nearby bakery, who did not want to be named, said that since the previous incident, the hygiene of the stall has not improved. There is still a cockroach infestation, they added.

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In response to Lianhe Wanbao’s queries, the Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council said that they received three reports of rat sightings in the past 12 months. They are working with National Environment Agency to improve rodent control in that particular block. 

The town council is also taking preventive measures, such as increasing the frequency of garbage removal and educating the public on the proper disposal of rubbish and food waste, it said. 

The holes in the ceiling will also be repaired by April 30, added the town council.



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